Dr. Person’s courses in architectural theory and methods and cultural geography support students as they develop rich local and global perspectives on geographic, social, environmental, and economic relationships. These local and global perspectives, in turn, foster students’ development as thoughtful citizens in their communities. In addition, these perspectives and the analytical skills underlying them are directly transferable to careers in architecture, design, planning and non-profit work. Her interdisciplinary academic experience in geography and environmental sustainability (PhD-level), museum studies (MA), environmental design (BS), and geology (minor) underpins the perspectives Dr. Person incorporate into her teaching.

Teaching Strategies

Dr. Person employs three primary teaching strategies to directly support student development of broad perspectives grounded in key geographic concepts. These three strategies are 1) providing inquiry-based learning opportunities that connect course concepts to students’ own career goals; 2) curating and presenting multiple media to introduce and explore course concepts; and 3) facilitating in-person and online discussions of course concepts in which students gain respect for a diverse range of perspectives. These strategies are effective scaffolding techniques that support individual students as they work to meet their personal learning objectives.

Student Work

Linked below are examples of student research and projects which Dr. Person has mentored:

  • Upper-division undergraduate research paper, poem, and cartoon illustrating the need for the representation of Black women architects in media and higher education (link)
  • Upper-division undergraduate capstone research project looking at barriers to environmental risk communication (link)
  • Upper-division undergraduate student story map exploring tensions in the Arctic over natural resources (link)
  • Upper-division undergraduate student video explaining connections between political geography and his chosen career in medicine (link)
  • Upper-division undergraduate group project looking at the intersections of environment and society through the story of the automobile (link)


With Dr. Randy Peppler, Person leads the Environmental Sustainability Working Group, which has received support from the Oklahoma-NASA Workforce Development program, the OU Dept. of Geography and Environmental Sustainability and the OU Office of Undergraduate Research. Dr. Person has also received over $13,000 in support from the Office of Undergraduate Research to provide mentored research opportunities for her students in both architecture and geography classes.

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