Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D., Geography. Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, The University of Oklahoma (4.00 GPA). Completed 2016. Dissertation: “Locating the Agency of Architecture: A Geographic Analysis of the Smithsonian Institution Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden;” Awarded an Honorable Mention for the 2016-17 Architectural Research Centers Consortium Dissertation Award.

M.A., Museum Studies. The University of Oklahoma (4.00 GPA). Completed 2009. Professional project completed at the Smithsonian Institution.

B.S., Environmental Design, Geology Minor. The University of Oklahoma (3.97 GPA, Summa Cum Laude). Completed 2006.


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2016 – Present. Director of Research Initiatives and Strategic Planning; PhD Program Coordinator and Lecturer. College of Architecture. The University of Oklahoma.

2016 – Present. Lecturer. Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. The University of Oklahoma.

2011 – 2013. Doctoral Fellow. Office of Facilities, Engineering, and Operations. Smithsonian Institution.


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Under contract. Pilat, S., L. Guido, and A. Person, eds. The American School of Architecture: Building on the Plains. Norman, OK: The University of Oklahoma Press. Under contract. Anticipated 2020.

In prep. Micieli-Voutsinas, J. and A. Person, eds. Affective Architectures: More-Than-Representational Geographies of Heritage. Manuscript in preparation for Routledge: Critical Studies in Heritage, Emotion and Affect. Anticipated 2020.

2016.  Person, A. “Interview with Hans Butzer and Torrey Butzer, Designers of the Oklahoma City National Memorial,” in Social Science Quarterly (97) 1, pp. 86-95.

2014.   Person, A. and J. Cooper. The Care and Keeping of Cultural Institutions: A best practice guidebook for museum facility management. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. * Book awarded the 2015 IFMA “Distinguished Author Award”

2012. Person, A. “Review of Manhood Factories: YMCA architecture and the making of modern urban culture by Ellen Lupkin,” in Material Culture (44) 2, pp. 67-68.

2011. Person, A. and J. Cooper. “A work of art: The keeping of cultural facilities,” in the Facility Management Journal (FMJ), Jan./Feb. issue*Article awarded the 2011 FMJ “Editor’s Choice Award”

2010. Cline, T. and Person, A. “Transilient Minds: An historical-anthropological approach to first year architecture studio,” Edinburgh Architecture Research Journal (32), pp. 21-26.


Selected funding.

  • American School Project: $81,300, with S. Pilat, L. Guido, and E. Pober ($35,000, OU Provost’s Office; $26,300, OU Vice President for Research Office; $20,000 OU President’s Office). 2017 – Present.
  • Environmental Sustainability Working Group, with R. Peppler: $4,000, OU Dept. of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. 2018.
  • Environmental Sustainability Working Group, with R. Peppler: $6,300, Oklahoma-NASA Workforce Development Grant. 2017.
  • Graduate Research Guide Funding: $13,600, OU Office of Undergraduate Research. 2016 – 2018.
  • Cultural Facilities Project: $70,000, Smithsonian Institution. 2011 – 2013.