In her role as Director of Research Initiatives and Strategic Planning (DRISP) for the University of Oklahoma Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, Dr. Person supports the college in leveraging its resources to drive development of thoughtful, sustainable, and experiential solutions to the design problems of the future.

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Administration – General

  • Assist the Dean and Associate Dean(s) with establishing and advancing annual college goals and objectives
  • Represent the Dean and Associate Dean(s) and the College within the University and at external functions, meetings and events
  • Assist the Dean with production of narratives in support of public relations and development efforts
  • Assist the Dean with professional writing, including letters of support, nomination, and reference
  • Coordinate College-wide lecture series

Faculty Research

  • Dissemination Support (via Oculus Newsletter, Social Media, Web)
  • Coordinate + Host Brown Bag Research Seminars
  • Coordinate + Submit Presidents’ R&D Highlights
  • Assemble + Publish Annual Book of Faculty Research
  • Coordinate Program for Research Enhancement Submission + Review
  • Proposal Development Support
  • Funding Opportunity Sharing
  • Coordinate efforts with OU Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment, via twice-annual meetings

PhD Program Coordination

  • Coordinate PhD Committee Meetings
  • Coordinate PhD Admissions Decision Process
  • Coordinate PhD Strategic Planning Process
  • Coordinate PhD Program Curriculum Revision
  • Disseminate PhD Student Development Opportunities
  • Communicate with Prospective Students
  • Connect Current Students with Appropriate Resources

Faculty/Staff Recognition

  • Identify awards, external and internal, that acknowledge faculty/staff successes
  • Coordinate faculty awards nominations
  • Co-coordinate staff awards nominations 

Strategic Planning + Tasks

College Planning

  • Data collection: Students
  • Data collection: Faculty + Staff
  • Data collection: Alumni + Boards
  • Reporting on process
  • Draft of Plan

 Strategic Projects

  • Design Intelligence Mass-Mailing Campaign
  • Develop formal Marketing/Communications Plan
  • Develop Portfolio Development Plan, with Design Directors
  • Develop “TED Talks” for each program
  • Creating_Making Trademark—follow-up
  • American School Trademark—follow-up
  • Refine College Brand
  • Refine College Logo

Communications/Outreach, College-Wide

  • Social Media Review
  • Graphics Review
  • Photography Review
  • Assemble + Publish Oculus Newsletter
  • Editorial Meetings
  • Provosts’ News & Events Submissions
  • COA Community Outreach Highlights – President’s Office
  • COA Community Outreach Highlights – COA Publication
  • Press Releases
  • Photo Documentation Coordination
  • Program Marketing Materials Coordination
  • Event Flyer Coordination
  • Event Marketing Coordination

Website Redevelopment

  • Coordinate Content Update Schedule + Follow-Through
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Content Development
    • Site map
    • Text development
    • Photography of faculty, students, and work
    • Videography of faculty, students, and work
  • Website Testing
  • Website Approval by WebComm

Development Support

  • Coordinate mass-mailings to alumni advertising events and news; e.g.:
    • Travel Study Dinner Benefit
    • Oktoberfest Program Fundraiser
  • Assist with planning, organizing and conducting career service activities
  • Additional support as needed

Recruitment + Retention Support

  • Update recruiting letter and “Top 10”
  • Update graphics for recruitment annually
  • Provide recruitment advertising and mass-mailing graphic and narrative support

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